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Is education a good investment?

Introduction 3
Education for people 3
Survey 5

Conclusion 9
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Education encompasses both teaching and acquiring knowledge, proper conduct, and technical competency. Thus, it focuses on the cultivation of skills, trades or professions, as well as mental, moral and aesthetic development. Formal education consists of systematic instruction, teaching and training by teachers. This consists of the application of pedagogy and the development of curricula. In a liberal education tradition, teachers draw on many different disciplines for their lessons, including psychology, philosophy, linguistics, biology, and sociology. Teachers in specialized fields such as astrophysics, law, or zoology are able to teach only in a narrow sphere, usually as professors at institutions of higher education. There is much specialist instruction in fields of trade for those who want to acquire specific skills, such as those required to become a pilot, for example. Finally, there is an array of educational opportunities in the informal sphere - such as museums and libraries. Informal education also includes knowledge and skills learned and refined during the course of life, including education that comes from experience in practicing a profession.
The decision about education is made individually by every person. Every parent wants his or her child to be well-educated. In Russia most schools are free, but education at a university, especially prestigious one, is frequently high-paid. And at this very moment a person should ask him- or herself – “do I need to invest in higher education for my children or for myself? Will it be repaid in the future?”
Education for people
Education requires great investments. New technologies have gone extremely far and are constantly growing. Computer technologies can essentially help and facilitate the process of acquiring education. It is possible to find answers very quickly to the questions put by, if you know where to search. The best way that has already been invented by the mankind for facilitating the knowledge transfer is its majesty the Book. Today this unique invention can be easily provided by means of a computer - an electronic book. Unfortunately, investment as a subject is not taught at schools. This issue is to be reconsidered in the nearest future. If young people were made to think about questions of correct use of money from early age, any state would win. There are enough experts in such spheres as finance and credit, for instance, and these numbers increase every year. But real investors are still a deficit. An investor who wishes to understand the sense of financial markets and investment questions is compelled to receive additional education constantly.
General school program is the origin of any education. Unfortunately, for many young people completing their studies at school is the termination of education as a whole. The present educational system provides a miserable amount of knowledge needed for a real life of any person. Without continuation of education there is no sense to speak about success of a given person. Sometimes it seems to pupils that they know already enough and it is possible to stop at this particular level. But after termination of a certain educational institution, having faced certain questions in real professional practice, many understand that this knowledge is not enough. If a person wants to become rich and successful, it is necessary to expand constantly his or her outlook at various directions.
In America people define the future incomes in the following way: expenses for education are multiplied approximately by ten. In the Post-Soviet countries there was a free educational system. People approached to a cash desk for their salary. There were visible crowds of people but money was invisible. It has passed into history by now. There are paid educational institutions for different economic and social levels of population. There are even elite schools where prices are hardly lower than those in England.
It is possible to get education in one’s native country, for example in Russia. In my opinion, it will be good enough because it provides a wide scope of knowledge, instead of a narrow specialization. But with our diplomas it is difficult to get fixed up in a job at companies, located in the West. There are educational institutions (courses, schools, technical schools, high schools, seminars etc.) that can be both free and paid. The purpose and the investment plan define what way you should go. Education serves like a compass. It is possible to walk along footpaths or roads; sometimes people squeeze their way through dense jungle (new innovations and technologies), but it is very dangerous to stop halfway. It is necessary to make a plan of individual movement in the financial world.
I have conducted my own small survey. I asked a few questions to 50 people (27 men and 23 women). The age of women varies from 12 to 62, men are aged 16 to 60 years. People were asked at the streets, in the hospital and at different enterprises.
The first question was about the type of education that a person has already acquired.

One can conclude from this chart that most of these people have got school education (only 3 of them have not graduated from a secondary school).
My second question was about the type of education they would like to get now (if they had an opportunity to do this).

The greatest share of the respondents wanted to get the second higher education – 17 persons. 16 respondents wanted to obtain a higher education. The smallest share of respondents would like to take school education.
The third question was about how education helps a person. In other words, what do we need our education for?

Respondents suppose that education helps to stimulate one’s career grow and acquire professional skills (YES – 34%, NO- 1% for both questions). From their point of view, education supports also personal development (YES- 32%, NO-1%). Only 9% of people think that getting education helps to find a husband or a wife. For the income purpose 27% of people said YES and 3% said NO. Knowledge helps 25% of people to find a new job.
The fourth question sounded in the following way: “Is education a good investment?”

Each respondent wishes to invest money in education. 31% of people think that they are obliged to invest in education. 8% said that it is a guaranteed investment, so they invest money and they are sure about future returns. Only 5% suppose that it is doubtful.
My fifth question was: “Would you like to get education in Russia or abroad?” I wanted to find out whether they think that Russian education is better or worse than in other countries.

Most of the respondents (21%) are not sure that Russian educational system and our level of education is better that in other countries. 12% suppose that everything depends on the specialization. Only 8% of respondents are sure that Russian education is the best one.
The sixth question was about their desire to study abroad.

The results are quite interesting. Only 19% of respondents want to get education abroad. 27% of people do not want to do it.
And the seventh question is the last one.

20% of respondents suppose that a lot of people in Russia invest in education. 23% of respondents said that not too many people invest in education.
There are a lot of courses, seminars which can provide good knowledge. If correctly applied, this knowledge can help a person to reach amazing results in a short time interval. Why education is the greatest investment? Of course, it is very important, how much a person will spend for initial education, but it is impossible to measure what advantage it will bring to a human’s brain if it generates at least one profitable idea. After all, no one knows a limit of his or her intellectual possibilities.
In accordance with my survey, it is obvious that people don’t want to invest in education. They don’t want to go and study abroad because Russian education, in their opinion, is much better that in other countries. Each person chooses whether to invest in education or not. What knowledge to get, how and where.
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